Anonymously Yours, Women Everywhere & Anywhere

• Three women who were sweet enough to indulge my picture request for Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. This crew was seated so perfectly just to the right of us, so I snatched the photo opportunity •

We are married, single, divorced, dating, hooking up, widowed, mothers, not mothers, old, young, or somewhere in the middle. We make thought out choices and we also act on the spur of a moment. We get our hearts broken and we also allow those same hearts to mend. We laugh too loud and we sing at the top of our lungs when we are in the car alone. We do things that are unique and yet we share daily habits with a bazillion other women across the globe. We are women, but most of all we are human.

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo was my #bookofthemonth July pick. I started hearing the buzz surrounding this book a few months back. Taddeo followed the lives (with their permission) of three women for a decade, documenting their stories, in particular their love lives.

Maggie’s story is one the follows her relationship with a married teacher while she was in high school. The relationship ends and later on that teacher is named ‘Teacher of the Year,’ which sets Maggie off. She brings the relationship to public and ultimately to court (This is not a spoiler, you know this going in to the story).

Lina is a housewife and mother who is in a more or less loveless (or very little love) marriage. She begins an affair with someone from her past.

Sloane is also married with children. Her and her husband are swingers, although she calls it something else.

I have summed these women’s stories in just a few words, but they are so much more (as we all are). They attempt to balance the complexity and simplicity of desire as they see it, while also revealing layers of themselves.

I am over halfway through this book and what interests me most are the various histories of these women. What events happened, what moments shaped them to make the decisions they made, good and bad. Everyone has different desires and feels desired in different ways.

Everyone has a story. And Three Woman presents three that I feel are worth reading, if only to gain human perspectives that may differ from your own. There’s always something to be learned from others.

I did finish Daisy and the Six yesterday. It was definitely an enjoyable read and a good one to take on vacation.



“Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.”

– Socrates

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