June & The State Of My Nightstand

June is closing up shop and July is upon us. I’ve tallied my books for the month and am looking ahead to see what books are on the horizon. Looking back at my month in books, I have read some good ones, which means if I finished them they are at least three stars (out of five). Below is my wrap-up for June:

1. Ask Again, Yes

by Mary Beth Keane


2. The Farm

by Joanne Ramos


3. Unsaid

by Neil Abramson


4. Fleishman is in Trouble

by Taffy Brodderson-Akner


5. A Theory of Love

by Margaret Bradham Thornton


6. The Kiss Quotient

by Helen Hoang


7. The Woman in the Window

by A. J. Finn


I’m still reading some of the books I’ve mentioned in previous posts, these listed are simply those I have read cover-to-cover this month.

The picture above is my nightstand as it looks this evening and this is as tidy as it ever gets. Usually there are more books stacked on there. These stacks aren’t any order and are not all books that I am currently reading or about to read. Some are-sure, but sometimes I just grab a book from my shelves to look at and then it takes a year to get put back in its right spot. I thought using a black and white photo made it take on more of an artsy feel rather than one from Hoarders, but you can be the judge. I’m sure at some point the stacks will fall on me as I sleep, but until that happens I’ll just keep on stacking.

“The higher the books, the closer to heaven.”

– Me

PS. I stole this quote. It’s supposed to read, “The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.” I don’t know who said that, but a. books sounds better and b. I’m way too lazy to put actual effort in to having big hair. And c. it’s not 1985 so big hair is out.

Goodnight, Bookworms, see you next month.

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